The Etesian Boutique Mykonos Resort

Breathe in, gently and deeply. Breathe out.
Allow yourself to slip into luxury and relaxation.

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The Etesian

Boutique Mykonos Resort

The “etesian” is an annual summer wind that sweeps across the Cyclades. It is also the reason why Mykonos is referred to as “the island of winds”. The name derives from the Greek word ετήσιο (etesio), meaning yearly. As summer temperatures rise, the etesian wind blows in to cool the island, timeless and unfailing. Consequently, throughout antiquity, this dependable wind promoted travel between north and south and gave rise to the expansion of trade and ideas throughout the Eastern Mediterranean.

The philosophy of The Etesian Boutique Resort is to assemble a community of guests who return year after year. Above all, we want our guests to become a part of our family. This is why their desires and expectations are anticipated with an attention to detail and customized to the individual. In other words, our commitment to personalized tailor-made service is a key priority. Moreover, the location, the privacy and the design of our villa and suites ensure a subtly timeless environment with a unique character and spirit. 

Each year, as the etesian winds begin blowing signaling the return of summer, we welcome you back to your home away from home. And just as the winds facilitated the exchange of thoughts and ideas throughout time, we want to make your stay at our resort perfect. So let us personalize your experience and revitalize your body and soul in an atmosphere of comfort and understated elegance!

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The Etesian - Mykonos resort in Panormos